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What Color is God's Skin? | Morning Devotions... On the Back Porch..... With Coffee!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We are all made in the image of God. When I was young, we sang a song entitled "What Color is God's Skin?" To judge someone by the color of their skin is ridiculous! It's absurd to me that in this time in history we still have to fight racism. Whether our skin is black, brown, yellow, white or any other color has nothing to do with the value of the individual. Your skin tone doesn't define you.

Every person you meet is someone Jesus died for. If they're born again, and you're born again, they're your family! If they're not yet born again, they're still God's children, just lost sons and daughters. They don't need judged, but rather loved.

I can only imagine the grief in the heart of the Father over the horrible pain racism brings. God didn't create races, he created one race - the human race. One race with many cultures. God loves the uniqueness of His creation. The truth is, our diversity should be one of the greatest strengths we have. It should unite us, not divide us. We have so much we can learn from each other if we would only embrace our different cultures.

My prayer is that we can overcome the mentality of a superior race and realize that humanity, as a whole,

in all of its diversity is God's crowning creation. After all, when He made Adam, He said it was "Very good".


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