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These insights into God's sincere love are like Golden Nuggets He has left for us to find as we work to gain a better knowledge of who He is and the kind of relationship He desires with us.



Foreword/Endorsement / Bill Vanderbush / Faith Mountain Ministries

If you log enough miles in pulpit ministry, you’ll eventually feel as if you’ve preached the whole Bible. So, then you start over and take another pass at it, and it’s at this point revelation starts to flow like priceless oil from a deep well. This book is the overflow from a lifetime of ministry, and the oil is rich. Don Wolabaugh may be one of the most brilliant communicators of the Gospel I have ever heard, and yet he remains a profoundly undiscovered treasure among generals of the faith. While I love listening to many preachers, there are a handful of fellow disciples who provoke me to jealousy. I open the Bible like a detective looking at a mystery knowing there’s a solution right before my eyes. Don walks in and it’s as if Sherlock Holmes has arrived. In these moments, I stand back, become a student, and listen. Take, for example, Don’s revelation of the parable of the Good Samaritan you will read about in this book. In my decades of Bible study, I have never seen the revelation that Don saw. And yet it’s so beautifully obvious when it’s revealed, that once you see it you can’t unsee it. But the strength of Don’s ministry is not just in the purity by which he approaches the Scriptures, but the integrity of his life. Don Wolabaugh carries himself with a lightness of joy that reveals a conscience that is clear and at peace in the grace of Jesus Christ. In all of my years of knowing him, Don has yet to speak an unkind or dishonoring word about anyone to me. He relentlessly sees the goodness of God at work in the world, the good in people living in the world, and because of this, spending time with him makes me love Jesus and people more. So, it is my delight and honor to introduce you to a book and author you’ll be glad you met. Don Wolabaugh is a friend of the Holy Spirit, and after spending some time with him in this wonderful book, you will be too.

- Bill Vanderbush

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