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Serve like Jesus | Morning Devotions... On the Back Porch..... With Coffee!

In our pursuit of Godliness, there will always be a resistance. We must be relentless in persevering to become more like Jesus!

Our natural inclination is to be selfish and serve our self. But, in being truly born again, we are dead to self, and alive to Christ! Jesus told his followers, the first step to discipleship is to deny yourself! As we examine the life of Jesus, we find he came to serve, not be served.

The world system says you've reached the top when you have many people serving you, but true Christlikeness is shown when you are serving many. Our true joy and satisfaction should come when we have had the privilege of being a blessing to others, not just being blessed by others!

If we're going to be like Jesus today, find someone and be a blessing to them, and in return, you will have a blessed day.


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