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God's Plan, Not Mine | Morning Devotions... On The Back Porch... With Coffee

As I meditate on the future, I refuse to make a plan and then ask God to come and bless it. I've spent a lot of my life trying to convince God to come and join me in something that I believe is good. I have learned now, to inquire of the Lord as to what he is doing on the earth so that I can join him. It works so much better that way.

I've had to ask God to forgive me for desiring a seat at a table He would have flipped!

I do believe with all my heart that we're in the most exciting time and God is moving in tremendous ways on our planet. I believe Holy Spirit is drawing the hearts of men and women and we are on the threshold of the third great Awakening.

The sheep are getting sheepier and the goats are getting goatier! And what I realize is, make sure that you are following God completely, and not just trying to fit in with the right group. I am learning more and more that perception is not always reality. And things are not always as they seem to be.

Spend time in your prayer closet. Let his voice be the loudest voice in your ear and you'll never go wrong.


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