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Hope in the Midst of Challenge


Journey with us together in these 4 weeks/ 8 sessions as we will look at Peter, friend and disciple of Jesus who was the most trusted voice in the New Testament church during this time. The Christ followers were under severe persecution in the form of being shunned by family and friends and even verbal abuse. Sound familiar? 1 Peter focuses on the importance of believers standing strong under this unjust treatment, yet continuing to live well. Let's learn how to be encouraged as a believer to continue on in the way that Jesus has laid out for all of us, His followers. Then, Peter's theme in his second letter is a simple one: pursue spiritual maturity through the Word of God as a remedy for false teaching and a right response to that teaching in light of Christ's promised second coming. In these 8 sessions, we will do a verse by verse study, finding encouragement, inspiration and empowerment through the scriptures to continue to look like Jesus no matter what obstacles we face.

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